Illustrate Digital, an Accelerated Growth Programme agency.

Some great news.

For anyone who knows us and works with us, they’ll know that we’re passionate about pursuing growth in order to provide great service, brilliant visuals and quality code to as many businesses who are willing to grow as possible. We intend to keep growing, keep hiring and keep striving for more.

We really do want to keep reaching our next level of growth and that’s been my attitude as leader of the business since day 1, even when I didn’t know much about what I was doing or where we were really heading.

So with this we’ve sought out key relationships as an agency, through which to be empowered to grow. Last year we engaged in conversations with Welsh Government about how to grow strategically and bring new work to Wales and as a result we applied for a place on the Accelerated Growth Programme and it’s with pleasure that I can announce that we’ve been officially accepted onto the programme.

The acceptance criteria isn’t easy, it’s all about proving your intentions, so this is incredibly exciting news as it provides a confident platform from which we can grow and give more to our existing clients, as well as the new clients we’ll find as we strive forwards.

What this means.

Funded by Welsh Government and run by Business Wales, the Accelerated Growth Programme (AGP for short) is designed to help startups and high-growth businesses go to the next level by providing tailored, individual support from experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders and subject matter expert coaches.

As an agency I believe we’re a perfect fit for a programme like this because, as specialists ourselves, we know that experts are the best people to learn from – and the AGP gives us access to business experts who are passionate about helping determined businesses like us go to achieve our goals.

As part of the AGP, we’ve set ourselves some really high targets and we’re already on our way to realising some of these, even since we made the application. Over the next 3 to 5 years, we aim to become a 30+ person agency, with an international reach. Our heart is to invest in young people and in people who want to move into the digital world for a career change. Through our growth so far and our existing client-base we’re experiencing the true potential of digital business and how transformative it can be to most industries. It’s as a result of this understanding that we know more and more people will move into digital-based roles and currently the infrastructure to support that doesn’t exist in enough force for the potential demand.

We’ve already started on this journey, affording people the opportunity to learn and to work with great brands in both South Wales and London, but being a part of AGP will help strengthen and grow this a central part of our culture and personality as an agency. As WordPress continues to attract the biggest and best brands, it makes sense that we, as a specialist agency, continue to grow too!

The Illustrate Digital board.

Alongside this move towards future growth, we’ve also taken the strategic decision to introduce an advisory board of unique individuals with experience in business growth, finance and challenging thinking. These group of business and thought leaders will meet monthly to provide oversight, accountability and valuable financial and business insight, all of which will help accelerate our growth.

Both of these moves have opened up a whole new world of exciting challenges. As we learn to balance bigger opportunities, new staff and a bigger UX and development agency, we’re stretching ourselves in the best way. The introduction of GDPR and new security regulations mean our team is working harder than ever to make sure Illustrate Digital continues to be a stand-out client services agency in an ever-growing digital world.


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Scott is the Managing Director at Illustrate. His main focus is to cast vision and concentrate on our future growth, as well as looking after our customers and generally managing our effectiveness and value as a web design agency. He's also great at presenting new ideas and being picky about the design of everything we do. He performs best in building relationships with other people and in his spare time rides a Honda VTR motorbike, is a huge Cardiff Devils fan and loves spending time volunteering at Freedom Church in Cardiff.