Quick note: we have made the decision not to work with recruitment agencies to place any roles at Illustrate Digital. If you are part of a recruitment agency or similar service, kindly do not contact us about these roles.

It’s exciting times in the life of Illustrate Digital as we continue to grow despite a global pandemic. The existing team across our Cardiff and Bristol locations took up the challenge of temporarily leaving the office back in March and have been working from home ever since, ensuring we keep things business as usual.

As a result it’s meant that we’ve been able to attract some great new clients for current and future projects and demand for our service is at an all-time high.

So it’s great to have the opportunity of welcoming two new great people to our team and to continue with our plans for growth through 2020.

Let’s take a look at the new roles available at one of Cardiff & Bristol’s fastest growing agencies…

Back-End Developer

This role is available full time and can be fulfilled at either our Cardiff or Bristol locations.

As a specialist agency for the WordPress platform we have an opening for a talented and experienced developer to join the team, to work alongside the back-end team in developing new solutions and getting the best out of the world’s most popular content management platform. The person taking up the role will be spending their time:

  • Building out great content management experiences for clients using the Gutenberg editor
  • Working alongside the front-end team to ensure our sites are built to perform, which may require headless solutions
  • Integrating with third party tools and software to import, export and serve data
  • Auditing and troubleshooting sites built by third parties that don’t follow WordPress coding standards
  • Peer reviewing the code of other team members to ensure standards are kept high
  • Discussing and helping to innovate our use of the WordPress platform as part of monthly development sessions

To apply for this role, or to find out more details, please visit: https://illustrate.digital/jobpositions/php-back-end-developers/

Client Relationship Manager

This role is available either part time or full time and can be fulfilled at either our Cardiff or Bristol locations.

Our clients mean a great deal to us at Illustrate Digital and without them we couldn’t do what we do. So it’s only right that we treat them well, pay good attention to their needs and ensure we’re communicating well back-and-forth. We’re looking for someone experienced in business development and customer service to help fill the role of Client Relationship Manager.

From day to day the person taking this role will spend their time:

  • Creating strong community and relationships with clients and key partner companies
  • Helping our clients to strategise their marketing and creating roadmaps for future design and development work
  • Consulting with UX designers, developers and project managers to plan and develop solutions
  • Feeding into the resources we have on offer in order to best help our clients reach their full digital potential
  • Touching base around active projects to ensure clients remain informed and to gather valuable feedback

To apply for this role, or to find out more details, please visit: https://illustrate.digital/jobpositions/client-relationship-manager/

What’s it like to work at ID?

Things are a little different at the moment with everyone working from home – but our company culture shines through regardless! Illustrate Digital is a fun, innovative and positively challenging brand to work for.

The team

Scott Jones Addressing The Team at Illustrate Digital

The heart of who we are is a bunch of people who know how to have a laugh, but equally how to get things done. Split across two offices (normally) we’ve created a working environment that carries into a remote and digital setting, as it’s important that we all feel a part of the same community.

Whether you see us as nerdy, or just passionate about our subject matter, there’s no getting away from the fact that we value people and care for each other. Teams are setup to challenge each other, but also look out for each other and everyone has a dedicated line manager to help work on their career progress and personal goals.

Character and culture are really important to us and we’ll always hire someone’s attitude, passion and enthusiasm before we’ll hire their skill or talent. In other words, we’re picky about our people, but that’s what helps create a great culture and produces brilliant work we can be proud of together.

Our clients

Services at Illustrate Digital, Web Agency

We strive to acquire highly ambitious clients who want to do some of the best marketing and make some of the best website experiences available. We thrive on producing high-quality work, well-known for the high performance WordPress sites that we create, putting the power back in the hands of the marketer or content creator.

Clients are normally those seeking either a great web experience for their end-users, aiming to tell the unique story of their brand or business. Or they’re seeking a better way of implementing WordPress, whether that be simply using the Gutenberg editor, or a complex series of integrations that make their business more efficient.

Either way, our client relationships are set up to be collaborative. We believe it’s the best way to drive great results; we don’t know everything, but neither do our clients. Together we’re the perfect combination.

P.S. Yes, we’re picky about the clients we bring on board. 😉

Further information

If you’d like to know more about what it’s like to work with the team at Illustrate Digital, as well as view opportunities for freelance positions, you can visit our Careers page.

Likewise if you’re keen to learn about the values of our agency and what makes us tick, you can see more of this information on the About Us page of our site.

Finally, if you know someone who would be perfect for one of the roles listed above, please share it with them!