Another feature?

Yes! We’re featured in Net Magazine for the second month running and this time it’s the turn of our UX Designer, Consuela.

As a key member of the team Consuela works to create great experiences for the end users of the websites and software we build. From day-to-day you’ll find her researching, planning and designing. She’s deeply ingrained in design innovation and looking forward to make web experiences increasingly better. This makes her the perfect person to have stepped up to the plate for this month’s feature in Net Magazine.

For the October edition we were invited to take part in the design challenge. At first it was a daunting idea and very little time to come up with a whole creative concept; but a challenge we gladly accepted and, of course, delivered.

About the design challenge.

Each month, Net Magazine pose a new challenge to a fairly unassuming agency. The challenge is against yourself rather than any opponents and forces you to think creatively and out-of-the-box.

We were tasked with creating a brand, packaging and entire concept for a fresh new consumer beverage. It broke us out of our UX design mould and allowed us to consider the bigger picture. What did we want to stand for, who did we want to be? These were some of the questions we were asking ourselves as some of the team planned the concept with Consuela.

The final output was to be a landing page for the new drinks brand, in which we presented mobile and desktop versions of the make believe website, with the chance for Consuela to annotate and explain her work to Net’s audience.

For a young designer to have their work exposed to their peers is pretty daunting but provides a great experience and some fantastic exposure for Illustrate as an agency, especially on the back of Scott’s feature last month as well!

What is Net Magazine?

Net Magazine is the leading publication for the web industry, which published its first issue in 1994 at pretty much the dawn of the internet. It’s been inspiring and educating the hearts and minds of digital professionals and aspiring technologists ever since.

Whilst we haven’t quite followed the magazine from the start, we do have a decent collection of them in our office and have gleaned inspiration from them through the years as we’ve continued to innovate and better the experiences and functionalities we create for our clients and their end users.

For more reading, see our September 2019 feature in Net Magazine here: Scott featured in September’s issue of Net Magazine.