We have a very exciting announcement: we’ve just received accreditation from the Web Guild!

The Web Guild is an online resource where companies can find invaluable information and hire talented developers they can trust. They’re committed to creating a better code of conduct for the digital industry, to setting a higher standard for web designers and developers and if you know anything about Illustrate, then you know that’s exactly what we want to do too.

The Web Guild have all sorts of criteria you have to meet plus an agreed code of conduct, before you can be accredited. The intentionally scrutinising process has taken a little while but we’re proud to be recognised alongside some of the UK’s top agencies and developers.

We’re always looking for opportunities to strengthen our reputation as WordPress Specialists and so we’re celebrating our shiny new badge this morning with tea and a fresh packet of biscuits!

You can click on the icon to visit our Web Guild profile.