A great refresh for our agency.

For a couple of months now, we’ve been brewing up some exciting developments in the world of Illustrate and today is the day that we finally get to share them with you!

As you might’ve noticed, our website and branding have a completely new look and feel! Melin, our Design Director and Josh, one of our developers, have worked unbelievably hard on this and (despite me changing my mind every two minutes) they’ve produced something incredible that really captures who we are as a company.

But there’s something even more exciting than a new website (which you might’ve already noticed), we’ve got a new name! After 6 years, Illustrate Media has now become Illustrate Digital. It felt like a huge risk to change the name we’ve been working under for so long but now we’ve taken the jump, we couldn’t be happier!

So why have we changed?

When Illustrate started, we did all sorts of things. Yes, we still only worked within WordPress but we also offered design, print, video; basically a whole bunch of other services that came under the title “media”. Over the years, we gradually faded those services out and our name wasn’t really representing who we are: a web development company, completely focussed on designing, building and supporting the highest quality WordPress websites.

So, there was a need to change. “Media” needed to give way to something that reflected our work more accurately and “Digital” sums it up really well, with plenty of scope for the future.

But what about “Illustrate”, should we change that too? Well, we’ve kept it and that’s because its meaning is the reason we exist today.

Where our heart lies.

Our passion has always been to do more than just produce great work for our clients. Illustrate was born out of a desire to set an example, to lead the way, to “illustrate” what it meant to be an agency that really partnered with brands and businesses, that provided thought leadership, that changed the perception of the industry and helped demonstrate the best way to operate.

That passion hasn’t dimmed at all – if anything, it’s stronger than it’s ever been! By solidifying our brand, renaming and re-focusing, we’re more determined than ever to grow in setting the tone for web agencies across the world.

So here it is, Illustrate Digital.

A new name, new brand and new website. Take a look around and see what we’ve been up to! We’ve updated our Portfolio to showcase our newest work, taken lots of new beautiful pictures and our sleek new brand really demonstrates who we are.

If you’re looking for a WordPress agency, we’d love to grab a coffee and talk about the possibilities. Why not get in touch on 02921 961661?