I seriously don’t know where 2015 went, it flew over. But when I look back I almost can’t believe how much we grew in just one year, I’m so proud of our little web design agency.

We welcomed Justin, Damien and Josh to our team, all within 3 months of each other and now couldn’t imagine the office without them. They’re so fun, a part of the family and they have such a passion for what they do, it’s infectious.

And that’s what it’s all about! Working with a team who want our clients to have the best possible websites and working with clients who are eager for what we do and willing to grow more than any of their competitors.

Knowing that this is our reality makes me incredibly proud to lead an agency into the rest of 2016, hungry for growth. Not just our own growth, but the growth of every site and every client we look after.

What we’ve smashed in the last 12 months:

  • 3 new team members
  • 24 new clients
  • 16 shiny new websites
  • 12 WordPress websites (that were built by someone else) rescued, repaired and regularly maintained
  • An insane amount of tea and coffee consumed in Cardiff
  • A fairly consistent amount of pies digested in Wigan

To me it’s really important that we keep growing, year on year. If I was out looking for an agency to build me a new website, or maintain a site I already had, I wouldn’t want a web design agency that had gone stagnant, or had no interest in growth, who wouldn’t lead my business into the future with creativity, skill and a bit of healthy risk… And a tonne of fun and friendship too!

So that’s why we’ll keep growing, keep challenging our team, even our clients. Because we genuinely give a damn that the businesses we work with will keep growing too.

If you’d love to work with a web design agency in Cardiff that’s continually growing, day by day, take a little look at what we do, whether that’s web design, web maintenance or a sneaky look at our portfolio.

Personally I’d love to chat with you, drink more coffee and understand how your business wants to expand. Call us on 02921 961661 or contact us here.

Here’s to an incredible 2016!