Between 13th and 17th July we saw the launch of Wales Tech Week, a digital festival of ideas and knowledge sharing pioneered by our friends and clients at Technology Connected. The week saw around 70 events created and hosted by various brands in Wales to promote the growth of the technology sector in Wales. These events were enjoyed by over 4,000 online attendees.

As part of the very first Wales Tech Week, we at Illustrate Digital hosted an event alongside our brilliant friends and partners from Liberty Marketing, Storm&Shelter and WP Engine. The event focussed on how marketers of tech brands can accelerate their marketing. We covered everything from PPC and Google advertising, video content, CMS platform and even discussions around the MarTech stack.

We’ve rounded up the best bits from the event and shared the sessions from each of our speakers below. We hope you enjoy watching and take a great amount of value away from the content that our partners have shared.

A Q&A with Fabio Torlini’s from WP Engine

We’re honoured to have been joined by our friend Fabio Torlini, the SVP of International at WP Engine. As one of WP Engine’s closest partners, it was brilliant to talk about the ins-and-outs of the WordPress platform, choosing a content management system for your future marketing and what, in Fabio’s opinion, is the ideal tech stack for marketers working in technology.

WP Engine are one of the world leaders in hosting technology. Focusing 100% on the WordPress platform they now host a whopping 5% of the internet and as a growing scale-up tech company are set to make this number even higher in the years to come.

Forging the way in WordPress technology is one challenge, but marketing this emerging tech business across multiple territories is a whole different ball game. This conversation highlights the ways in which Fabio and his team have grown the WP Engine brand outside of America in the last 5 years, including some of his previous successes in a senior role at Rackspace too.

Be sure to check out the extended Q&A session below as well, for more insight from Fabio and the WP Engine journey.

Gareth Morgan from Liberty Marketing talks on Google Ads

Gareth is an absolute wealth of marketing knowledge and is passionate about seeing brands succeed. He lives and breathes digital marketing and so it’s no wonder that his agency, Liberty Marketing, is doing so well.

Liberty is Wales’ largest dedicated digital marketing agency. It brings together a team of great minds who are passionate about driving results, with a focus on SEO, PPC, social and content.

As close partners of Liberty, and having working on some brilliantly successful campaigns together, it was great to be joined by Gareth for this event at Wales Tech Week. In this talk he shared his insights in to how you, as a tech brand, can use PPC and Google Ads to test your marketplace before committing to a longer term campaign with organic SEO.

Really valuable content and, of course, Gareth also offers more of his insights as part of the Q&A below, be sure to check that out too!

Nick Patterson from Storm&Shelter talks on video marketing

Nick is one of the most positive people to be around is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject matter of video marketing. Even from this virtual talk you can see why he’s done so well in building a successful agency as the Production Director and one of the founders of Storm&Shelter.

As described in the introduction to Nick’s talk, Storm&Shelter produces “lickable” video content for a wide number of brands. They’ve attracted some pretty impressive names and have helped grow a number of tech brands through storytelling and producing engaging video content.

In this talk, Nick shares some jaw-dropping stats on why video is a key part of your marketing growth. Every piece of content you create has a tonne of noise around it, so how does yours stand out?

Scott’s Q&A session with Gareth, Nick and Fabio

We’re thankful for all three of our speakers, for joining us for the very first Wales Tech Week and what turned out to be a great virtual event. Even more thankful that they stuck around to answer some grilling questions from the audience as well!

Check out some of the great questions that were sent in from tech companies both in Wales and across the UK, as well as the answers given by our panel.

Connecting with us

If you’ve found value in any of the talks or Q&A sessions shown above, then we’d love to connect with you and talk about how Illustrate Digital or one of our guest speakers could help the marketing of your tech brand to accelerate and thrive.

We’ve produced a quick form for you to get in touch. Just let us know if it’s us, or one of our speakers in particular that you’d like to speak with and we’ll hook you up.

More about Wales Tech Week

Wales Tech Week was a week-long digital festival hosted by Technology Connected, the organisation that aims to promote technology brands in Wales to each other and the rest of the world.

Organised in just two months, it saw over 4,000 online attendees and over 70 events. Considering this is the first time it’s happened, that’s pretty epic!

You can find out more about Wales Tech Week on the awesome new website built by Illustrate Digital here: