Website Auditing.

Insights into every aspect of your website.

Let’s review.

As a business, you need to know that you’re getting the best out of your digital platform to ensure that your website is performing at its best and to generate positive results from your marketing. If you’re a brand with an existing or incomplete site that needs some attention, then we’re here to lend an expert eye in the world of WordPress.

Many of our new client relationships start out with audits and it makes sense, right? The majority of audits we complete show that businesses simply aren’t getting the most out of this powerful platform, with too many plugins being used and a lot of room for value to be added. Audits can be explored from three different angles, either independently or all together:

Design auditing.

Let’s get a fresh set of eyes on your website’s frontend. We’re looking for obvious improvements, mobile usability, accessibility and, most importantly, whether your customers can achieve the results you need them to.

Technical auditing.

Casting a specialist eye over your website’s backend and technical foundation, our tech audits aim to highlight key mistakes, vulnerabilities, performance issues and to put an action plan in place from which to grow.

Business based auditing.

Here we approach your digital platform from a commercial perspective. We’re looking for opportunities where your organisation can either save money, increase value, or both – this could be anything from your business operations to your marketing.