Last week was a big week for WordPress. A new major update has been released to one of the world’s favourite content management systems. So the question is what has changed and when can I expect to see this on my website with this new version of WrodPress codenamed “Benny”?

What is new in 4.0?

It seems that the biggest focus for this update is to improve the user experience for blog writing and also for the media gallery.

Easily Add Video to Blogs

The visual editor now automatically embeds videos from YouTube and other services and even displays the video while you are editing so you can make it look right straight away. This will speed things up greatly and help you craft that perfect blog post much more quickly.

Beautiful Content Writing

Wordpress 4.0 Text Editing
A greatly improved text editor.

One of my biggest annoyances when writing was always having to scroll down inside the text editor on long posts and then not being able to see the controls. This is now a thing of the past as the editor grows with the text and will always display the controls for easy access. Thank you WordPress developers!

Your Media as it should be

Wordpress 4.0 Media Manager
New media management experience – Image courtesy

A great addition is also the improvements to the media library. You can now view your images in a far more interactive way and see previews of images instead of long lists of image names.

So much more!

There are many more changes but these are the highlights. You can see more by visiting

So when will I see this?

We are working hard on upgrading all of our customer websites now so you should see this over the next few weeks. We will only ever update once we know your great website experience will remain constant.

As always if you have questions about your Illustrate WordPress website then we are here. Feel free to get in touch with any questions.