GUEST BLOG: This awesome blog came from our friend Matt Banner. He runs OnBlastBlog which is an amazing resource for people who want to make a website! Thanks Matt!

WordPress is a household name in 2016, but it wasn’t always this way. Like anything, it came from something small and unheard of before it exploded into one of the world’s top CMS platforms. What’s incredible is that it all began in May of 2003 when the platform launched. In just thirteen years it has grown to what it is now.

Today I’ll show you just how far this platform has come before we look at an infographic that charts the exact path from 2003 to now.

The Growth and Development of WordPress (Infographic)

If we’re looking at the user interface alone, WordPress has changed drastically since the first version (0.71) which released in May of 2003. It began as nothing more than a single page where you did all of your writing. Each post could only have one category, and things were about as simple as they could get. Today, when you’re researching how to create a website, almost everyone tells you to use WordPress. It has become the default solution for just about any kind of website because it works so well.

On top of this, the installation was complicated and tiresome, which is a far cry from the easy, one-click installs we’re used to these days. Jump all the way to 2016 and we’re on WordPress version 4.5.3, with plans to take us all the way to 4.7 by the end of the year.

What’s even more amazing than WordPress is how it managed to go from a single screen dashboard, to a household name. Check out the infographic below to see the history and evolution of WordPress and let us know what you love about the platform in the comments!