Imagine this scenario

Your business is growing and you decided to get a beautiful website designed and launched without any thought of website maintenance. Everything is going well with the launch and the website is drawing traffic and interest for your business. You are spending time blogging and finding great images for your articles.

This is the potential of a great website but what would your business do if the worst should then happen – your web server fails, something breaks or worse, your website is hacked by someone. You would probably call your web designer and developer asking for their help only to be asked the question, “Do you have any backups?” or told “We would have to charge per hour to restore your website unless you pay for website maintenance.”

That would be crippling for any business and would add unnecessary stress to you and everyone involved. Maintaining your website and keeping backups is one of those things that nobody wants to do and the value is only seen if something goes wrong.

The importance of website maintenance

If you keep regular backups then should the worst happen it is a relatively simple process to restore the last working version of your website without very little work. If you keep your plugins and WordPress up to date then you are also reducing the risk of problems caused by out of date software.

As a company we strongly believe in doing what we do best so you can focus on your business. If you feel your WordPress website needs maintenance including multiple backups, plugin and WordPress updates and options for making site modifications or blog posts on your behalf. Use the enquiry form on this site or call our office on 08000 588 559.