If you know us, then you know we flippin’ love WordPress. Which is why we’re especially excited for WordCamp Bristol, the closest WordPress conference to our HQ in Cardiff that’s in the calendar this year.

It’s a two-day event that brings together an eclectic mix of content writers, marketers, designers, developers and anyone else you can think of, who work with WordPress either for fun or for a living. The last WordCamp in Bristol was back in 2017, when the Illustrate Digital team enjoyed two sunny days on the city’s harbour side. In 2019 the event returns, this time at the University of Bristol’s School of Chemistry on the 18th and 19th May.

Speaking at the event

Speakers have been announced for 2019’s event and our own MD, Scott, is on the schedule for this year. He’ll be speaking on ‘Selling WordPress’, a talk which will aim to help the community to engage in actively promoting and selling the world’s biggest content management platform. For WordCamp attendees it’ll be a great opportunity to learn how our agency promotes WordPress and how we sell it to clients as the number one platform for business and enterprise.

We reckon, because we’ve seen it first hand, a good amount of people still associate WordPress with small do-it-yourself websites and blogs (which it’s definitely suitable for). We know the true power of the platform though; an expansively flexible system that’s best friends with Google, being used in some incredible ways. For example the types of site and functionality we’ve built on the platform include: in-house company intranets, payment gateways, quoting software, educational resources and even a bank. Yes, an actual bank.

If you’ve ever chatted WordPress with Scott, you’ll know he’s passionate about the ways the platform can be used and its potential for the future… especially with the Gutenberg editor and the platform’s future roadmap involved.

Illustrate Digital at WordCamp Bristol

If you work with WordPress, then it’s well worth attending this year’s conference in Bristol. There’s a wide variety of talks from experts across the industry, with plenty to learn. See the full speaker schedule here: 2019.bristol.wordcamp.org/schedule/

Of course it’s not just the talks that make a WordCamp special. The community is one of the key selling points for any conference and this one certainly won’t disappoint. ‘Networking’ isn’t really a thing at WordCamp, but making genuine new friendships with likeminded individuals is. And going home from a WordCamp it’s great to know that you’ve just widened your support network, your knowledge and your friendship circle all at the same time.

Will we be there? Of course we will! The Illustrate Digital gang are gearing up for driving down, soaking up new knowledge and returning with fresh ideas. It’s good to get out of the office sometimes, to expand the way you think and tackle challenges in new ways.

Is WordCamp for me?

Yes. 100% yes.

WordPress as an open source content management system is accompanied by one of the most inclusive communities on the planet. Anyone can be involved and WordPress is for everyone. WordCamps are no different and are intentionally organised to be inclusive and wide ranging.

There’s always a possibility with events like this that the developers and tech talkers will take over. However, the events are organised with multiple tracks so there’s always alternative content to hear, it’s not just the tech stuff and in fact it’s not the majority. There’s a good amount of learning around content, business, marketing and design, as well as the developer stuff.

As we’ve grown as an agency, more team members have joined us who don’t work in the technical side of the business. When we’ve talked about heading to WordCamps they’ve been nervous about the idea of attending something that’s very developer-heavy, but have walked away with so much learning and inspiration for their own areas of expertise. It really is for everyone, whether you make money out of WordPress, work with it for a living, utilise it to solve a problem or just use it for fun to express yourself.

Basically, be there.

The details

If we’ve convinced you (and we hope we have) then here are some details about where to be and when!


The contributor day (if you’re on a WordPress team and contribute to the platform): Friday 17th May

Conference day one: Saturday 18th May 2019 from 9:10am until 5:15pm

Conference day two: Sunday 19th May 2019 from 9:30am until 4:30pm

The social: Saturday 18th May 2019 from 6pm until 11pm (at the Watershed on Bristol Waterfront)


University of Bristol School of Chemistry
Cantock’s Close


To book your ticket for the event (before they all run out) visit: 2019.bristol.wordcamp.org/tickets/