I’d love to tell you about an awesome site we use at Illustrate for help and support with all things WordPress.

No matter how good you may get as a developer, or just someone who is in to WordPress, there’ll always be an issue you can’t fix, a problem you just can’t figure out how to solve, or a question you’re really struggling to find an answer to! And that’s where WPMU come in!

wpmudev.org is a site of developers, themes, incredible plugins, white-label videos and more. It’s amazing how much freedom you can experience by being able to directly access a large community of passionate and knowledgable WordPress users, as well as being able to dive in there and show off your knowledge to help out others who’ve been staring at their site for hours, wondering why it’s not doing what they want it to.

If you’re a WordPress developer, or you use WordPress regularly, it’s definitely worth taking a look in to the benefits that WPMU offers. The hard work they’ve put in to building awesome plugins is admirable and something of value.

Check them out… wpmudev.org