So I’m responsible for meeting new customers and this is a question that comes up again and again when I talk about Illustrate as a specialist agency, “What’s the difference between a WordPress Specialist and other web designers who build in WordPress?”

It’s a great question. Here are my thoughts on the answer. Just in case you’re interested! 😉

At the moment, of all the web designers in Cardiff there is only one WordPress Specialist and that’s us, Illustrate. But there are lots of other web design businesses in Cardiff and across the UK who build their websites in WordPress, so what makes us so special?

Back in 2010 when Illustrate was first founded, WordPress was just 7 years old, it hadn’t been around for very long and was mainly a blogging platform. In fact they only introduced the ability to create and edit static pages in 2005, when it was really beginning to be able to build full websites.

When I founded Illustrate, I just knew that WordPress development was the way forward. The CMS software had already been announced as the market leader and, considering it had only been around for a few years, that was pretty impressive.

Since 2010 we haven’t built a single website outside of WordPress. For 6 years now we’ve been pushing ourselves every single day to break the boundaries of what the platform can do. We’ve dedicated ourselves to not only web design, but full-scale development and maintenance of WordPress websites – employing and training developers to be the world’s best at using the open-source software.

Over the years we’ve developed our own systems and processes to help keep the software secure, fast and effective. And our customers benefit from this effort and experience on a daily basis.

What makes us the only WordPress Specialist Agency in Cardiff and one of very few in the UK?

There are so many web design agencies out there, it’s often hard to tell one apart from the other. But we’d like to think we’ve cracked it pretty well when it comes to WordPress.

There are other web design agencies who are really good at building websites in WordPress, but they dilute their focus by working in other platforms as well, such as Magento, Drupal or building websites in pure HTML.

Our focus at Illustrate is 100% pure. We are the best at one thing, only one thing and that thing is WordPress. When it comes to development ability, security, efficiency, bug fixing, maintenance, we are the elite of our industry and proud to say so.

Now I know that’s a pretty bold statement, but it’s true and we’re setup to prove it. Our partnerships with other industry leaders such as WP Engine, Liberty Marking, Secure Trading and Google prove our ability to outperform when it comes to WordPress.

Are you looking for a WordPress Development Agency?

If you’re looking for help to carry your website far into the future then we’re here and more than willing to help. Whether you’re right here in Cardiff, somewhere else in the UK, or anywhere in the world, we’re willing and able to help.

Take a look at our web design or web maintenance pages for more information on how we can help. Or feel free to visit the contact page to get in touch.

Let’s take your digital presence to another level.