Building powerful e-commerce websites with WordPress and WooCommerce…

When we build websites for our customers and partners we have to consider how to make a website design that will instantly grab the attention of visitors but also keep them on the site until they finally make that all important purchase.

On thing we also have to consider is simplicity and ease of use. There are lots of great e-commerce systems out there but they all share one complication – they don’t directly link with WordPress.

Now seeing as we develop beautiful and simple WordPress websites then it makes more sense to use a system that not only works with the control panel our customers are used to but also uses their existing website design to create a flawless customer journey.

The e-commerce website solution…

Enter WooCommerce Рa fantastic online shop plugin designed specifically for use with WordPress websites. Take a look at two great examples of our clients who use WooCommerce РSay It With Bears and HiDarl Ltd.


Beautiful and Simple e-commerce website design

I am proud of these websites in their simplicity but also in the detail we were able to apply to the whole shopping experience – all while keeping the cost very reasonable for our customers.

If you are considering starting a new store or perhaps would like to move your existing shop into the world of online shopping then why not get in contact here.

We would be love to help you realise the potential of your products.

Scott is the Managing Director at Illustrate. His main focus is to cast vision and concentrate on our future growth, as well as looking after our customers and generally managing our effectiveness and value as a web design agency. He's also great at presenting new ideas and being picky about the design of everything we do. He performs best in building relationships with other people and in his spare time rides a Honda VTR motorbike, is a huge Cardiff Devils fan and loves spending time volunteering at Freedom Church in Cardiff.