What’s the news?

We’re really excited that two of our team have been announced as speakers at this year’s WordCamp Dublin, a two-day conference held in Ireland’s capital city which focuses on the growth of the WordPress platform and its community.

This year the event will welcome around 200 people to DCU Business School in Dublin to hear from 37 speakers who are experienced in the field of WordPress. Speakers range from those with expertise in development, design, marketing, business and a wider range of topics that help people to build excellent sites with the world’s leading content management software.

Scott’s talk.

Our MD, Scott Jones, will be speaking on the subject of ‘Selling WordPress’, a talk that he’s delivered at other events and with great feedback.

It’s a subject that Scott knows well. In a digital marketplace of many options when it comes to selecting a content management platform, Scott has spent time developing a way to best explain the benefits of WordPress and why it fairs brilliantly against competition as a software for both small businesses and enterprise brands alike.

Using some real-world customer examples from the banking industry and well-known consumer brands, Scott’s talk will show just what WordPress is capable of. It’s no longer the small blogging software of the past, it’s a seriously flexible foundation for profitable companies across the world.

The talk will be followed by a Q&A panel where guests will be able to fire questions his way, which he says is much less pressure than delivering a talk!

Melin’s talk.

As Director of Production at Illustrate Digital, part of Melin Edomwonyi’s responsibility is to ensure we deliver the best user experience to our clients and end users. It’s no surprise then, that Melin will be speaking about ‘How Blocks Have Changed UX Design’.

The introduction of Gutenberg in late 2018 has been an interesting one for any agency or freelancer building sites in WordPress. Whilst there’s still a way to go for Gutenberg to offer the best experience, Melin will be talking to her Dublin audience about how we’ve adopted and adapted for Gutenberg.

Working on a block-based approach is where the ‘here and now’ of content editing lives. We’re excited about the freedom and flexibility that the new editor offers to our clients when creating content. This has an affect on how we approach the design process and Melin will be talking about how we’re doing things different and where our innovation lies in the UX design and subsequent development process.

More info on WordCamp Dublin 2019.

This year’s WordCamp event in Dublin is being held over the weekend of the 19th and 20th October 2019, a full day event that offers a wide variety of talks, as well as opportunities to network and connect with the rest of the WordPress community.

The conference is at the DCU Business School in the north of the city a great venue for the event.

If you’re interested in attending, tickets and more information can be found on the official website at: https://2019.dublin.wordcamp.org/tickets/