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The Challenge.

For Acorn Property Group there was a pretty big task ahead of us. For over a year we’d been maintaining 8 regional websites, each with many micro-sites and it was time to consolidate these sites to create a unified digital presence. Our job was to create a new flagship website for Acorn and to successfully migrate the existing property data and all relevant links into this new site.

What We Did.

Working very closely with the sales and marketing teams at Acorn, based in Bristol, we kicked-off the project with strategy and direction. This meant making sure stakeholders were considered and that the end user would receive exactly what they were looking for when landing on the new site. We also needed to nail the new site structure to make sure no old URLs would be lost floating around the internet! Since every Acorn development had its own micro-site, this was no easy task and one that needed full consideration before laying a finger on designs or development.

We then set about creating fresh new designs for the site, with mobile in mind, since the majority of Acorn’s traffic is on mobile devices. The designs aim to provide a great user experience by allowing a visitor to flow through the site and explore the developments and properties they’d like to see – in various different ways, at their leisure.

This large new website with over 400 pages, 30+ developments and 140+ properties on sale, is all built in WordPress with a tonne of custom functionality and administrative freedom. It was important not only to build a great looking site, but one that the marketing team at Acorn could update easily and be proud of for the long term. We’re chuffed to say that this has been achieved and the feedback has been top notch.

Our Services.

  • Strategy & Direction
  • UX Design
  • WordPress Development
  • On-Site Search Optimisation

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For this project we collaborated with the amazing Storm&Shelter team, based in Cardiff. They produced videos to show off the great locations and lifestyles that Acorn Property Group have on offer through their range of developments. These videos were used in full view on the Home and Collections pages.

Storm and Shelter Videos
Acorn Property Group Website

“We’ve worked with the Illustrate team on a number of projects, currently on our main website relaunch, where we’ve found them to have a great work ethos and importantly a good understanding of our market. From our experience their process drives decision-making, creativity, innovation and hard work towards an end result that adds value to our brand. We would highly recommend them as a digital agency.”

Nichola Markham

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