Lonsdale Commercials.


Lonsdale approached us needing a fresh look at how their web presence was affecting their marketing – exactly the kind of project that we love! They had 2 businesses, with 2 websites, both as a part of the same group. Lonsdale Commercial Bodybuilders provide vehicle modifications and customisation and Lonsdale Vehicle Contracts supplies vehicles for sale and commercial lease.

Their unique selling point is that they are a “one stop shop”: they can provide the vehicle and then customise it, to avoid using multiple suppliers. Unfortunately, with 2 websites, they weren’t getting cross enquires because it wasn’t clear they could provide the whole package.

What We Did.

We built them a newly designed website that showcased both businesses in one, easily navigable website. Since there are still 2 businesses, we made the distinction clear whilst at the same time emphasising how comprehensive their service is.

The Bodybuilding area of the site has a gallery of the types of modifications that they offer in order to really showcase the options. The Vehicle Sales area has a full catalogue of the available vehicles that you can purchase from them.

Each vehicle has plenty of information available and we built in functionality to enable customers to request a quote for each individual vehicle or begin the credit check process.

Lonsdale are VCA certified: a highly coveted certification within the industry so we made sure to put the award badge front and centre. As with all our sites, it’s totally responsive, fully optimised for search and incredibly easy to use.

Cool Functionality.


The Website.