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Teaming with Liberty Marketing we created a data-led website refresh to better serve customers and newcomers.


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Why did we partner with Liberty Marketing?

Why waste great data? Pure had a treasure trove of insight collected over years of customer and user site interaction. What they needed was a site refresh able to better serve customers and newcomers. Together with Liberty Marketing we connected the data dots to find the bigger picture of what needed doing to achieve the outcomes Pure were after.

What was the fastest outcome?

It’s hard to overstate how much site speed can impact other key website performance stats. With page load times now half of what they were, Pure quickly noticed a significant rise in sales enquiries driven by longer visit times per page across the site.

What else, besides more enquiries?

The research-first approach in collaboration with Liberty Marketing gave us a decent project run-up and a firm footing for developing a site architecture built on core pillars of usability and accessibility. A key challenge was retaining and nurturing new traffic. We did this by designing a more intuitive user journey with more streamlined value propositions and site authority indicators. Besides increasing time-on-site and enquiries, the results of the work included:

  • Improved mobile navigation, accessibility and trustability factors
  • Better organised self-help content promoting new-visitor trust
  • Reduced site friction with a clarified product and service proposition
  • Better application forms with UX signals encouraging prospects to provide lead data

Content Library

Customers love WordPress content libraries because they’re useful and easy to navigate. Google loves them because WordPress architecture was practically built for Google and SEO. The content library we built front-and-center for Pure goes beyond your average blog hidden in a page footer. Customers can resolve their own buying questions and fully appreciate Pure’s niche expertise. 

Application Forms

Perhaps more than most, financial services are about getting a trust buy-in because services are sold ad-hoc—for Pure this meant helping customers feel comfortable enough to reveal potentially sensitive information. The application forms we built for pure focus on quality and usability as two UX signals that help to create that feeling of trust in users.

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