Save The Coal Exchange.

Illustrate have been the perfect combination of proactive, responsive and flexible. Their design values are clear and modern but they have been sensitive to the heritage aspects of our campaign. What they came up with for us clearly works because it has had excellent metrics and feedback right from the start.

Lisa Power

Save The Coal Exchange Limited

A truly unique website that strips back the content and emphasis the beauty of The Coal Exchange building through stunning imagery.

The Coal Exchange is an amazing building in Cardiff that was built in the 1800s and stands strong to this day. But with a threat of dereliction the Save The Coal Exchange (STCE) campaign emerged, led by some passionate enthusiasts and local businesses. The Save The Coal Exchange website was a great reference point for the history of the building, purpose of the campaign and latest updates on what’s being done to save this historic landmark.

We began working with STCE in 2014 when our paths crossed at one of the public meetings about saving the iconic building in Cardiff. We were immediately moved by the threat of the building’s demise and so got involved in growing the campaign to raise awareness and finance.

Planning what the new website should do was an exciting process that involved many different voices from within the campaign… And even more exciting that we were left to our own devices once the planning had been done.

The final result was something that we were exceptionally happy with as an agency. Its main purpose was to be informative and raise awareness about the campaign, yet it couldn’t help but push another purpose to the forefront, which was showing the sheer beauty of the building itself. We had the pleasure of teaming up with some amazing photographers in and around Cardiff who lent their time to taking striking images of the main features of The Coal Exchange. The photographs included the devastating destruction caused by the fire in the 1980s and show just how much attention the building needs.

On top of the great imagery, we had the pleasure of teaming up with Calan Language Services to provide a Welsh translation of the whole site. There aren’t many site in Cardiff that use Cymraeg as a second language, but we thought that was a shame, so it was especially welcomed here with this building’s strong ties to Welsh history and much of Cardiff’s economic success!

We believe the site was a great point of reference for the media, for those looking to get involved and a brilliant example of the kind of site we love to create.

Since embarking on this project, The Coal Exchange has been purchased by Signature Living, a private investor who is working to restore the building to it’s former glory but this time as a hotel. Due to this, a campaign website was no longer useful and has since been taken offline.

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