A fun, feminine website for the TStraps brand. Their brand new e-commerce web design shows off and sells this unique product in a clean and easy way.

As seen on Dragons Den, the TStraps brand is both quirky and unique, as well as solving a need for many women across the world. The innovative design of the TStrap is purpose-built to help keep your leggings or tights in place all day. This brand new website tstraps.co.uk has been designed to suit the brand to a tee.

For this web design project we teamed up with the guys at ME Design in Cardiff. Our brief here was purely WordPress development and we absolutely loved it. ME Design are such a talented studio, specialising in design and branding, so we were able to work closely with them to create a new website for TStraps that they and their customers would love.

The result is this incredibly simple and bold website. It had to be simple really – after all they only have three products and they only vary in colour. But the new site does a really good job of showing them off, presenting the three options to a potential TStraps customer and making it really easy for them to buy the product.

Behind the scenes the cart and checkout process handles secure payments through PayPal and performs useful tasks such as automated emails to the customer for order confirmation and delivery notices. There are even more features packed into the back-end thanks to WooCommerce, including stock, coupon and order management sections. Each controlled by a plethora of options should they need to use them.

As developers our job is to take that complex back-end functionality and make it as simple and usable as possible for both customers and staff. We’d love to think that was well achieved in this development project – TStraps do anyway!

Cool Functionality.

The Website.


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