Our Team

Emily Jones

Quality Assurance


Emily, otherwise known as the most detailed person you’ll ever meet, looks after our quality assurance. This means she’s responsible for making sure our work is top-notch and avoiding mistakes. An important role for an agency that prides itself on high quality work!

Having used Emily in a consultant role for a number of years, she now joins us with years of experience in how we work and operate. As a result she’s incredibly familiar with WordPress, development practices and has a keen eye for design detail too. Her day-to-day work involves thoroughly testing the results of our code, trying very hard to break things and identifying potential risks. All of this is fed back smoothly to our dev team for completion before our clients get to see our great work.

In her spare time, Emily is a keen paddle boarder, horse rider, an awesome cook and a very fashionable lady indeed. She loves spending time with friends and family in the company of good food and is an avid supporter of Cardiff Devils ice hockey team.