Our Team

Lydia Davies

Project Manager


Lydia is our Project Manager and one of the Welsh cool kids at Illustrate Digital. She’s the person responsible for putting a big smile on faces of our clients (as well as politely whipping them into shape) and internally making sure things are done on time.

The role of Project Manager for a design and development team isn’t an easy one, but Lydia makes it look “class,” which is most likely how she’d describe it. If you’re working with us and thinking to yourself “hmm, this all seems a lot easier than I was expecting it to be,” that’s probably because Lydia is dousing fires, fighting ninjas and making it all look pretty easy, all with the aim of keeping you at ease and taking the weight off your hands!

On a slightly more serious note, Lydia joined us at ID with a great deal of experience working with development teams, handling multiple projects and multiple clients, which makes her a perfect fit for dealing with the day-to-day of producing great work here with us. We’ve got some incredible processes that make sure we get stuff done to a high level of quality and it’s Lydia’s job to make sure these processes are water tight and that everyone is following them. There are good things to be said about a hands-on project manager and you’ll normally find Lydia running huddles and project catch-ups, chatting through the fine details of a project and getting ready to feed back to a client on how their work is coming along.

To top off this brilliant bio, Lydia is always up for a bit of banter, making her really easy to get along with. Outside of work she loves spending time with her other half and their little rescue dog called Bean. She’s a serial tea drinker and generally can’t find a mug big enough to enjoy the maximum amount of tea needed to keep going!