Back-End WordPress Developer

Nathan Robjohn


Nathan, or as he’s known to the team, ‘Buster’, is part of our back-end WordPress development team at Illustrate Digital. He’s Cardiff born and bred, which means he’s got both a distinct accent and an even more distinct sense of humour. It’s okay though, he’s a charmer and the team love having him around to brighten their day and offer sarcastic suggestions to everyday challenges.

Nathan joined us in 2018, bringing with him previous agency experience and good e-commerce insight from his previous role as a web developer at Peacocks, the national clothing brand headquartered in Cardiff. His work with us is focussed on website back-end, where he specialises in the WordPress platform helping us to provide brilliant content management experiences to our clients. He’s particularly hot with Gutenberg and block creation too, and has most recently been working to build out our enterprise offering for Headless WordPress.

His inquisitive character means he’s brilliant at asking the tough questions and fact-checking before we get things wrong. It’s rare you’d find him releasing a code update without making sure it’s well justified first – a great asset to a development team like ours.

Out of the office, except from liking a good moan about the simplest of things, Nathan is an avid Cardiff City supporter and loves to while away the hours playing video games online with friends. He’s a very social character, whether that’s helping his family out in the garden, or enjoying time out with friends at the pub. Like most developers though, he can’t resist tickling the keyboard and trying his hand at new technologies to help sharpen his skills – what a legend.

Written by Nathan Robjohn

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