Our Team

Sunitsa Williams

Operations Manager


Sunitsa, sarcastically known as the ‘un-fun-fairy’, is our operations manager at Illustrate Digital. Despite the sarcastic nickname she’s actually one of the nicest people you’ll meet, which takes the edge off the parts of running a business that people normally want to avoid.

Joining us on the back of a stint at a well-established digital agency in London (where she gets the accent from), Sunitsa brings a whole heap of experience that we benefit from hugely. Day-to-day she’s responsible for invoicing, accounts, HR and is part of making sure that we’re a great place to work and a great agency for clients to work with.

In fact she’s really the ‘fun fairy’ and can’t help being motherly in all situations! This means that the fun days out you’ll see on our Instagram have been masterfully crafted by our small bundle of operational joy.

Outside of work, Sunitsa is the winner of all Apple Watch activity competitions, has two adorable kids (so that’s probably why) and finds herself involved in a random variety of different activities such as chaperoning school discos, getting stuck into kickboxing classes, tidying up a million pieces of lego from around the house or standing cold aside a football field cheering on her little ones.