About Yuri.

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Yuri (the James Bond of the development world) is part of the back-end development team at Illustrate, specialising in high-end code for WordPress. He grew up in Ukraine and after graduation from Dnipro State University started his path in IT in 2009.

His first role (and potentially most impressive) was as a full stack developer in a large dev agency who were headquartered in Silicon Valley (see, impressive). He then joined the Illustrate family in 2015 and has been an absolute rock to the team ever since, lighting fires and building bridges.

Yuri is absolutely indispensable when it comes to creating a flexible, expandable back-end for any website, as well as creating fancy user interfaces. As a great encourager, Yuri is the knight in the shadow who motivates other developers to make things happen together, helping Kyle to make sure projects are delivered on time, on point and on budget, whatever it takes.

In his free time Yuri enjoys playing board games (very geeky ones), travelling around Europe discovering amazing cities and cultural diversity, as well as letting loose his passion for football and supporting his home team Dnipro FC.