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Client Background.

Mustard are a Cardiff-based advisory business, specialising in consultancy for SMEs in the UK. In collaboration with Huw David Design, we were tasked with creating a new website that reflects the values and services of Mustard Advisers, to widen their marketing efforts and to provide a website with greater flexibility when creating new content in the future..

Project Details.

The project kicked off with a three-way consultancy between Mustard Advisers, Huw David Design and our team at Illustrate Digital, to establish the best way to design and build the site to suit the needs of both end-users and content managers.

Once the design of the site had been completed, we set about developing the front-end of the new Mustard website, created using SASS, HTML and Javascript too. Once this was tested and complete we moved onto back-end development, implementing custom fields in WordPress to help make the website easy to manage in the long term.

The result is a slick looking site that gives Mustard power over their content with the flexibility to create and edit pages and posts easily.

Mustard Advisers Values
Mustard Advisers Case Studies
Mustard Advisers Blog in WordPress
Desktop Version of Mustard Advisers Website


Custom Page in WordPress


Case Studies Page in WordPress


Blog Page in WordPress


Easy Content Management.

The Mustard website benefits from custom fields in WordPress, meaning that content is easy to manage. It takes just a few minutes to create new pages or edit current pages, meaning the website can grow quickly and easy, future-proofing the needs of our client.

WordPress Back-End Custom Fields
Mustard Advisers - Cardiff

“If you want a trouble free, fully secure WordPress site that is customisable to your every need and desire, then Illustrate Digital is the specialist WordPress agency for you. They took the time to understand our business and our requirements, mapped out the strategy and fully communicated the plan so that it was delivered on time and on budget. The only surprise was that the website was even better than we envisaged. Not only do we have full control over all the content with the easily managed CMS, we have even added new pages using their customisable templates.

Our new website immediately gave us a greater return on investment from the new enquires that were generated, so to say that we were delighted is an understatement.”

Alan Jones

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