HDM Tubes.


When Ozgur and the team at HDM approached us in late 2015 with their ideas for a new corporate website, we were excited at the possibility of working on this project. We’d never worked on something quite like this before and were looking forward to bringing our creativity to such a raw, hands-on industry.

After a tour of their facility, to get a really good feel for what they do, we set off on our journey of researching, creating ideas, designing and developing the brand new HDM website.

What We Did.

The finished product is something we’re incredibly proud of! The brand new site is a great example of HDM’s high-scale production process, featuring some really cool machinery, safety protocols and the types of product they produce at their state-of-the-art facility in Cardiff Bay. They also had photos taken by our team which really set it apart in an industry where stock-images are the norm.

One of the best features of the new HDM website is the production information that can be found on each of the product pages. It currently shows their production abilities and we have plans to eventually link this to a live feed of stock so customers know exactly how many tubes they’re able to order at any one given time. Exciting stuff!

The finished website has really brought a product as simple as steel tubes to life, showing off the extensive production process, expressing HDM’s professionalism as a company and highlighting the factory’s safety, capacity and quality.

Recently, they opened a whole new section to their plant, producing spirally welded pipes and so we revisited the site and built a new section, highlighting this exciting development. WordPress makes continuing to develop sites really simple- one of the reasons that we love it for our clients!

Cool Functionality.


The Website.