With over 200 products to show off, this site has seriously powerful back-end management, but seriously beautiful interaction with the customer.

HiDarl are a truly beautiful brand with amazing ethics, so they certainly deserve beautiful web design to match. At hidarl.co.uk you’ll find a great sense of style and functionality on a site that displays over 200 products… Each of which are ethically sourced from South Africa, where they’re handmade and hand painted by locals who’re paid a fair wage for their hard work.

When you’re given the opportunity to work with an ethical homeware company it’s very hard to say no! And this was right down our street. This site to launch the HiDarl brand was a great project to build a site that feels comfortable and fresh, just like you’d like your home to feel (and will feel like if you buy their products, they’re stunning).

One of the main aims for our team was to design this site in a way that allows the products to speak for themselves. That’s where the stripped back, simplistic and clean feel of the website comes from, whilst still including the beautiful brand colours of HiDarl like the soft green and subtle dark red.

The website itself is built using WooCommerce, a powerful platform for online stores. It features a great back-end which will allow the HiDarl staff to manage their stock, run campaigns with coupon codes, generate sales reports, manage individual orders and so much more.

And web design wasn’t the only thing we did on this project. HiDarl is a startup brand, so to help them get off to the best possible start we worked with them to create a logo and branding that could carry through the whole customer experience: from the web design, right down to the little thank-you cards that arrive in the post with each order.

Both HiDarl and Illustrate are really happy with the final result overall.


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