P&A Projects.

Illustrate helped us to achieve a rebranding and updated web presence that really works for us, they took the time to understand our complex brand requirements, pulling multiple business strands together into one understandable package! Great work!

Andrew Bond

P&A Projects Ltd

A bold re-brand of a well established lighting manufacturer. The new branding and website are a statement of creativity and experience.

Celebrating over 10 years as a company, the team at P&A Projects opted for a whole new, fresh branding and web design project. The creative and professional undertones of pandaprojects.co.uk are set to keep their business at the pinnacle of the lighting industry for years to come.

P&A Projects have been making their mark on the architectural lighting industry with their continuously innovative and bespoke lighting designs, produced from their factory right here in the UK.

When we began working with the P&A team, we toured their production process, experienced the finished lighting products and knew we were going to need to work hard to do their incredible products justice. So we set to work on a range of branding materials designed to help customers get a good sense of who P&A really are.

In any branding and web design project, you’re representing business before they’ve even made a sale, so it’s crucial to get across the quality, innovation and professionalism offered by a business like P&A. This was our aim from the very beginning and was the driving force behind our research, concept creation and brand production.

As a result the team are incredibly happy with how we’ve represented them, both in physical materials like business cards, letterheads, vehicle signage design and staff uniforms, but also in their digital representation – the website, email signatures, invoices and so on.

It’s been an exciting project to work on, to consult with Philip, Andrew and the rest of the P&A team, to hear their heart for the industry they’re working in, how they want to represent themselves, how customers feel about them and then to bring that to life with bold, statement-making branding.

The new P&A purple was a whole fresh concept that was nurtured from our extensive research into the lighting industry and beyond. We wanted to do something very different and help the P&A brand to stand out from their competitors and the same old colours and designs.

And the website of course, their window to the online world, has been designed to reflect the sleek and simplistic feel of their products, whilst still bringing across that bold new branding.

A lot of concentration went into user experience and ease-of-navigation so that P&A customers can easily find the products and information they’re looking for. In the product catalogue each category has its own custom-designed icon and a colour to set each one apart, helping users to easily identify the type of product they’re viewing.

The result is a mixture of simple, colourful and easy to navigate.

And to top it all off, there’s a pretty clever setup in place so that only P&A customers can login and see specific downloads with detailed information on each of their products. All of this is powered with some clever coding in WordPress.

Cool Functionality.

The Website.


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