Tania Brown.

A serious website with a modern style. This up-to-date, mobile-friendly web design is the perfect platform for Tania Brown’s professional image.

The team at Tania Brown in Wigan are specialists in complex negligence and personal injury claims – so it’s easy to see why taniabrown.com needed a serious and professional tone.

We see over and over again in the web design industry those designers who take ‘professional’ and ‘serious’ to mean ‘boring’, and so create ugly websites that nobody wants to use! It was our job to create something opposite to this, a website that spoke of trust, strong values and lengthy experience.

And so the result is this simple and practical site that contains a large amount of written content on each page. That’s not usually good for a design point of view, too much text often looks cluttered, so we decided to hide it in tabs and drop-down toggles that keep the information easily tucked away until you need to see it.

The site is left well optimised for search engines with a lot of written content about their subject, whilst also keeping hold of a good viewing experience. Information about each of their services is easy to find and there’s even a cool little feature that displays their staff on the ‘Our Team’ page.

In addition to the great front-end of the website, we custom-developed a back-end system for Tania Brown staff across the country to share and download their case files with each other. This hugely improves their on-the-road productivity between customer visits.

Cool Functionality.

The Website.