What a cheap website means to your business…

What a cheap website means to your business…

Are you considering what kind of website designer to use, what company you want to work with and whether it’s worth spending good money on website design? Then you’re in the right place…

I wanted to write something that’d help business and charity owners/managers to understand the benefits of avoiding ‘cheap’ when it comes to your website design – and why!

Have you ever flown with Ryan Air? If you have, you’ll have soon realised why the flights were so cheap. You walk to the furthest check-in desk from the entrance, the one with the longest queue that never seems to move, board the plane by queuing on the steps up to the door and when you finally get on board you’re crammed in like sardines in a tin can!

But hey, you get what you pay for and a website is no different. It all depends on the experience you’re looking to receive.

Where do your customers come in to it then?

Well that’s the golden question. The cheap designers are annoying designers – the kind you have to chase every day to get the work to you. You’re not paying them very much so it doesn’t matter a great deal to them. That of course distracts your attention from your own customers, which isn’t great at all (as well as stressing you out in the process).

Then there’s the quality… Again, you get what you pay for and cheap doesn’t buy quality. But this is fundamental!

Your quality website reflects a quality product or service that you’re offering. To your customers, a low-quality website has a low-quality effect. Customers get a low-quality feel for what you do and I don’t need to tell you that’s bad for business.

Cheap equals dangerous… That’s what it all comes down to, really.

It’s dangerous to take the chance that your customers just aren’t bothered – but especially in an age when the internet matters more and more each day, it’s not the best decision to have a rubbish website representing you.

People often try to talk down my prices, or get shocked because they were offered £350 for ‘the same thing’.

Let’s look at it this way… How can someone realistically build ‘the same thing’ for a largely lower price? It’s like a builder working on a house, somewhere along the line they’ve used dodgy materials and cut some corners!

So when it comes to the web, do you want your business to be built on a good foundation, or it just not important that your customers see quality in what you do?

My advice…

Make sure your budget reflects your passion for quality – then you’ll see the best outcome for your business.

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