The correct way to size your Facebook Page images…

Facebook can be a little confusing for those daring to market their brand, product or service on the platform… It’s also a very powerful place to get speaking and interacting with your customers – it’s just a case of keeping up on displaying your images correctly so as not to devalue your brand!

Here are some quick size guides courtesy of WERSM that can point you in the right direction…

Facebook Profile and Cover Images

Let’s start with your profile photo… You want to be uploading this as 180 x 180 pixels – preferably as a PNG file – so as to get the best out of it.

In fact a tip for every image you upload to Facebook, for all you Photoshop users, is to change your ‘downsampling’ to ‘bilinear sharper’. That’ll get rid of any jagged edges when your images are converted online.

Your cover photo is the important one… On a desktop it’s smack bang in your customer’s face, so don’t let Facebook blur it up on you! Make sure this is a minimum of 851 x 315 pixels and definitely¬†needs to be a PNG!

IMPORTANT: make sure that no more than 20% of your cover photo is text. Facebook will penalise you if you exceed their image:text ratio in cover photos.



Facebook Post Images

One thing you’ll likely notice about Facebook these days is that it likes squares! To get the best viewing pleasure for your audience, upload a square image, although it’s not absolutely necessary.

Use very little text, let the image speak for itself, so be sensible here.

Don’t forget that retina devices actually demand a higher resolution, so it’s important to upload at a minimum size of 618 x 618 pixels, especially if your image contains some text, to avoid blurring.


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