Web design we love – World Productivity Report

Web design we love – World Productivity Report

Website Design of the WeekThis sure was a sweet find for the week in our regular hunt for great web design across the world!

The team here know just how difficult it can be to design, develop and build an awesome site… Web design is an art, as well as a science, and this website is definitely a great combination of both.

The 2014 World Productivity Report is a beautiful page of stats designed by Wunderlist to display the usage and productivity of their users.

So hats off to the development team at Wunderlist!

You can really tell that the design team have put care, attention and creativity into how they’ve displayed the information. The whole page is like one big infographic and we love that.

And the time-delay map half way down the page is a really nice touch too.

The thing we like most about this is the clever marketing potential that this has. It’s not just the Wunderlist productivity report… It’s the world productivity report. Clever.

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