A heck of a lot is happening here at Illustrate – I wanted to give a quick update on where we’re at as an agency, what we’re thinking and where we’re going!

So here goes…

1. We’ve moved…

This week we made a huge transition across to our new studio in Cardiff Bay. It’s the end of an era for our relationship with The Coal Exchange, but we’re onto bigger and better things

We’ve acquired a great new space above Michael Graham Young in Column Buildings. Over the next weeks and months we’ll be doing some refurbishment work to open the space up into one of Cardiff’s greatest agency atmospheres. We can’t wait to host clients, old and new here and the team are really excited about having a brand new arena for Nerf gun battles..

You may already have heard that The Coal Exchange is being turned into a luxury heritage hotel for Cardiff and we’re really excited to see this unfold from just across the road. As that iconic building gets a new lease of life, we’re pumped to be right in the centre of this flourishing area of the Bay!

2. New family…

Our favourite thing in the world is when we get to welcome new people into our Illustrate team. In the last couple of months we’ve welcomed Leanne and Fin to our team, which brings us up to 8 people – not bad for an agency that was only 3 people, 12 months ago!

We’re so encouraged by our continued growth – both are incredible assets to our team – so we hope you enjoy getting to work with them too.

Leanne is our newest member of our dedicated support team, so she’s here to help keep our sites running smoothly and back you up when you need some help. Her official title is WordPress Specialist.

Fin has joined us to have awesome conversations with our brand new clients, work on our marketing and developing all things Illustrate. His official title is Business Development Manager.


3. Hellogoodbye…

Kyle, the ginger WordPress ninja, has officially moved down to join us in the Cardiff studio. This means that, for the first time, our whole team is in one place and that makes how we work together far more productive! 😀  We’ve already seen the benefits of having the whole team together. Kyle is even starting to sound less Northern.

Sadly this also means we’ve taken the decision to close down our Wigan office, which is where everything began for us 6 years ago. 😢

Wipe your tears, it’s going to be okay, though. We’re a digital company. We already work with customers from all across the UK, including Wigan, and we intend to keep doing that because the internet (which is best built on WordPress btw!) makes that possible.