It was a very cold winter morning (which is pretty much the idea for a ‘Winter Warmer’), with ice crushing beneath our feet on the Bute Park grass, no doubt the runners were thinking “what are we doing to ourselves?”

Sunday 3rd February was the highlight of the Illustrate Digital health kick and marked the first event of 2019 that would allow the newly formed running club to stretch its muscles. The 5K run in the middle of Cardiff, organised by The Fix events, was the perfect event for the team to gather and complete their first corporate run together.

It was such a popular run with just shy of a thousand people taking part, so naturally the starting line was quite difficult for some of our team to wind their way through the crowds. But each of the team made strides with many personal best times set!

Here are the results for team Illustrate Digital:

  1. Dan Roberts – position 36 – 25:32 minutes
  2. Scott Jones – position 73 – 27:37 minutes
  3. Emily Jones – position 128 – 31:55 minutes
  4. Josh Bedford – position 140 – 32:10 minutes
  5. Sunitsa Williams – position 205 – 36:25 minutes

Some other fun facts from the race results… Everyone except Josh was the fastest person with the same first names. Josh, unfortunately, was the slowest Josh running on the day. However both Scott and Sunitsa have it lucky since nobody else ran with the same first names!

The event itself was in support of Shelter, the housing and homeless charity, which is great to have supported as a team.

Thanks to the friends and family who cheered us on. The Illustrate Digital run club have their sites set on more events throughout 2019, so maybe we’ll catch you there!?