Over the weekend our founder and MD, Scott Jones, had the privilege of speaking to businesses at Momentum conference in Hereford; an inspiring event for business owners of different sizes. The conference drew speakers on subjects ranging from company values, accounting, through to sales, each bringing their unique business story to the table.

In a really well-received talk titled ‘Selling Excellence’, Scott spoke about having business values rooted in producing a high quality product or service. The subject aimed to encourage businesses to focus on excellence, as a way of building a better organisation that treats its customers and staff incredibly well.

Speaking on this excellence from his own experience with Illustrate Digital, Scott presented the idea that “you can go home and sleep at night” if you offer products or services that are unlikely to fail or receive complaints. He encouraged audience members to “change the conversation” when marketing or selling to potential customers, focussing on the reason why you do what you do, rather than simply providing a service that has no drive or purpose other than to make money.

This same subject of excellence is one of the core principles and values of our work as a digital agency. Our core value, ‘Painstakers’, is focussed on putting in the effort to produce great work. We’re not afraid of a challenge and we aim to be known as the best at what we do.

Over the nearly 6 years that we’ve been established we’ve certainly learned how to create websites and software products that are unlikely to fail, and have focussed on our core offering of excellent WordPress solutions, allowing our clients to come to us with confidence about the end results and ongoing work that we produce together.

The full talk will be made available on video in the coming weeks and a full write-up of the subject of Scott’s message can be found on his LinkedIn profile.