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Auth0 and WordPress.

One secure login across multiple platforms.

WordPress logo + Auth0 WordPress Integration

Integrating Auth0.

It’s important to make sure the users of your site are able to login securely and efficiently across the platforms that you operate. Auth0 is a great solution to manage a single user across multiple platforms, including single sign on (SSO), as well as to offload the security of your WordPress users to a third party platform that’s been designed with security in mind.

Having performed Auth0 integrations a number of times before, we understand that it can be implemented and managed in a couple of different ways, including the official plugin for WordPress. Our experience has taught us that the most robust solution is to run a direct integration using the Auth0 API and WordPress REST API to allow for greater control over the login process between your platforms.

Whether you’re looking to offload your password and user management to ensure future migrations of data are easier, or looking to make life easier for users with single sign on or single user management across multiple platforms, we can help.

Auth0 Integration with WordPress API

The Auth0 API.

From our experience this is the best solution for implementing Auth0 with your WordPress site, as it allows for the greatest flexibility when building and controlling the login process. Our solution allows users to be logged on to both Auth0 and WP simultaneously, allowing users to manage their own account from any platform that supports it, with their data being updated globally via Auth0.

Single Sign On with Auth0 API

Single Sign On (SSO).

This technology runs through the Auth0 API and will allow a user to login to platform and subsequently be logged into any connected platform at the same time. There are large user experience benefits to this, ensuring that a user doesn’t need to login multiple times, especially when checkout processes or user sign ups need to be continued between multiple platforms.

Auth0 Multifactor Authentication with WordPress

Multi-factor authentication.

If you’re looking for a managed way to run multi-factor authentication, whilst also offloading user management away from WordPress, then Auth0 has the right tools to enable this. Using their API we can incorporate the technology to check the legitimacy of users before granting them access to their account with you.

Auth0 Plugin for WordPress

The Auth0 plugin for WordPress.

The official WordPress plugin by Auth0 provides a basic version of their technology, authenticating users as a third party. This is a quicker, more cost-effective solution in comparison with the full integration. If you’d like to ensure that the plugin is installed and implemented correctly, or help to decide the best solution for you, we can help with this.