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Amazon AWS and WordPress.

Encrypted, extendible file storage with AWS.

WordPress logo + AWS WordPress Integration

Integrating AWS.

With incredibly flexible, scalable cloud storage solutions, Amazon AWS can be the perfect tool for offloading resources to help your site to perform better. Our skilled PHP team have implemented and integrated AWS in a number of different ways to suit the needs of our clients.

Encrypted file storage.

When working with clients who require large amounts of digital resources to be stored, we realise it’s key that these resources are stored and served in an encrypted way at an almost instant pace. This is especially important where the rights to files are restricted, such as in a company intranet, where data is stored behind a protected login.

Media and load bearing solutions.

Other use cases include hundreds of thousands of image files and other digital media, which if served by a standard server would cause serious page speed issues. AWS is the ideal solution for serving as a second, media-driven server to quickly serve relevant image files to a site user.

Scalable software solutions.

One of the smartest uses of this technology is when digital software packages are required to grow on a purchase-by-purchase basis. Website purchases in WooCommerce that trigger a new software setup in AWS are a great way of automating the client onboarding process and cutting out precious setup time for your staff.