Integrations & APIs

Microsoft Dynamics and WordPress.

Synchronising your CRM, marketing, stock, orders and more.

WordPress logo + Microsoft Dynamics WordPress Integration

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics.

Keeping your accounts lined up with the orders placed on your website should be effortless. Linking up to your Microsoft Dynamics account helps keep your invoices, customer details and stock all up-to-date, while cutting out manual export, import times and ensuring data relevancy.

There are two main methods for hooking up your account with WooCommerce: the non-official Microsoft Dynamics 365 plugin for WordPress, or direct integration via the Dynamics 365 REST API. Deciding which method to use depends on the level of customisation you require for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 WordPress plugin.

The non-official plugin allows us to cut out the complex integration development and cut straight to customising your setup. Whether you use Dynamics as your CRM, or your accounts software, this integration can help make your site and business a lot more robust.

Dynamics 365 REST API.

The official REST API for this all-encompassing set of applications can help open up your business to huge possibilities. The API exists to help customise your integration with Dynamics in the best way for your business, whether that be sales, AI, finance, HR or any of the other areas covered by the software.