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Bet365 and WordPress.

Live odds, results and affiliate marketing.

WordPress logo + Bet365 Integration with WordPress

Integrating Bet365.

As an agency, we became the third development provider to be granted permission to integrate directly with Bet365, which required a high standard of coding practices and to complete a rigorous vetting process.

Integration with Bet365 can come in many forms, with their data being vast. The most common usage of integration with this British betting giant is to receive live betting odds and results to display on your own website platform.

Showing live odds.

If you require live sporting odds to be displayed on your website in WordPress, then we can help to integrate the live odds provided by Bet365, making your content more relevant and inspiring a greater number of click-throughs.

Bespoke odds management.

The data provided by Bet365 is vast, so knowing which data to use and how it can be used is a daunting task. As part of your WordPress platform, we’re able to help design and deliver your own odds management system, allowing you to choose and use specific sporting events in your website campaigns..