Integrations & APIs

iVendi and WordPress.

Finance solutions hosted on your website platform.

WordPress logo + iVendi Integration with WordPress

Integrating iVendi.

The iVendi tools are something we know well at Illustrate Digital, having implemented them a number of times for client websites. There are various integration options and the iVendi docs are on hand for us to work from in integrating your solution with your website.

iVendi offer three modules: finance calculators, finance checkers and a full dealer management system. All three modules can be integrated with WordPress and are a handy addition to improving the value of your website.

iVendi Quoteware.

This module allows for finance calculators and lead generation forms to sit within your website. The software has been implemented before with WordPress and our experience can help to deliver the same solution if you’re looking to implement a more valuable connection with iVendi and your website.

Car Finance Checker.

For dealerships looking to better qualify their sales leads, the Car Finance Checker by iVendi allows a potential buyer to check their own likelihood of achieving finance when they’re in the research phase of the buying cycle. This can be integrated seamlessly within your website to allow users to do their own research, consider their results and get in touch.

iVendi Dealer Platform.

A dealership management system is key to helping any vehicle dealership better organise their stock, customers, sales and more. The iVendi Dealer Platform can be integrated directly with the functionality of your WordPress site to help create a coherent brand image and a consistent digital sales process.