Integrations & APIs

Royal Mail and WooCommerce.

Automating your shipping and fulfilment process.

WordPress logo + Royal Mail WordPress Integration

Integrating Royal Mail.

As the leading provider of postal and delivery services in the UK, Royal Mail is a common partner for many e-commerce businesses operating in, or delivering to the UK market.

With WooCommerce as one of the leading online shop platforms across the world, it’s no surprise that we’ve integrated with Royal Mail in a number of different ways for various e-commerce clients.

Shipping rate calculations.

Our simplest integration with the Royal Mail network allows a site to calculate shipping rates, without the complicated manual table rate process that many e-commerce brands have to suffer with. This helps the data to stay up-to-date, relevant and allows you to automate the checkout process for shipping rates, taking into account the weights of your products.

Scheduling and label printing.

Taking our integration one step further, we’re able to hook up to functionality that allows your site to automatically request collection of your day’s orders once they have been processed. In addition, we’re able to setup automated label creation, based on the order details, ready for your parcels to be collected and sent with ease.