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Integrating Tessitura.

Tessitura is a market-leading application created for the arts and cultural sector. It helps organisations to manage customer relationships, ticket booking, seating, fundraising and marketing. The software has several options available to integrate your third party website or software with. At Illustrate Digital we have experience with their ticket booking and purchase pathway options to allow for integrated management and sales of tickets direct from your own website platform.

Despite the majority market share that WordPress has in the CMS market, integrations between Tessitura and WordPress are rare. Thankfully at Illustrate Digital we have good experience with integrating the two platforms in a way that works powerfully for arts and cultural organisations.

There are a number of ways to link up Tessitura with WordPress and this depends on the relationship you have with the Tessitura platform and the active product that you have in place. Some of the methods we’re familiar with are below.

TNEW Integration Tessitura


This is, as the name may suggest, the newest and much improved version of the Tessitura platform. The TNEW API has a simplified approach to integration, as well as a simplified management process for the site admins and therefore creates better, more valuable management of your ticket sales. It’s powered using a subdomain and allows us to concentrate on creating a great front-end experience for ticket buying.

REST API Integration Tessitura and National Theatre Wales


The Tessitura implementation that we’re most familiar with is their REST API, which is a newer technology for the Tessitura purchase pathway. Illustrate Digital are proud to be one of the first to create this integration with WordPress using the Tessitura REST API and have created our own documentation to ensure effective integration and ongoing maintenance.

SOAP API Integration Tessitura


An older method for the Tessitura purchase pathway, but one in which we’re familiar with the documentation and method. This has been phased out for many organisations, since SOAP APIs are an older standard of development, though we’re still on hand to help should you require expertise in integrating or maintaining your Tessitura instance.

A Tessitura Integration Case Study.

National Theatre Wales Desktop Home Page

We developed the new National Theatre Wales website with Tessitura at its core, handling the purchase pathway for tickets and fundraising. The NTW site utilises the WordPress REST API with the Tessitura REST API, in order to serve a truly unique purchase experience.

>> Check out the National Theatre Wales case study here.