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SAP and WordPress.

Marketing and business management, hand in hand.

WordPress logo + SAP WordPress Integration

Integrating SAP.

SAP is a multinational software provider with a large array of digital products and solutions for enterprise businesses. Their main product ranges are tied to management of business operations and to customer relationship management.

The idea of integrating SAP and WordPress means that the possibilities are almost endless, with common uses by our clients including digital marketing passed through to SAP Business One CRM, as well as manufacturing companies showing stock level data live as their products roll off the factory floor using SAP ERP.

As the above suggests, WordPress SAP integration is essential for an enterprise business utilising the platform.

SAP Business One.

This small-to-medium business software is designed to help businesses run more effectively and to manage their data well. Integrating your enquiries, sales data and e-commerce data makes sense to help your business run more smoothly. Our team utilise the SAP Business One SDK DI API to integrate this powerful tool with your data on the WordPress platform.


The Enterprise Resource Planning software by SAP is a customised, powerful tool from which large companies can automate core processes and collate large amounts of information. Integrating this with your the data and functionality on your website can help to further control data and handle useful automations. These integrations are highly customisable depending on your implementation of the ERP platform.