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HubSpot and WordPress.

Organising your marketing campaigns and sales leads.

WordPress logo + HubSpot Integration with WordPress

Integrating HubSpot.

As one of the world’s most popular CRM and sales tools, integrating HubSpot with your WordPress site is a no brainer for keeping your campaigns and data relevant and in check.

WordPress and WooCommerce HubSpot integrations are essential for organising your website’s data, whilst prioritising campaigns and sales.

There are two main methods available to connect the two platforms: the official WordPress plugin, or the REST API. Both are different solutions depending on the level of control you need over your sales and marketing, find out more about both solutions below.

Simple plugin integration.

The best place to start is the official plugin, which accounts for: the HubSpot form builder, live chat module, and various lead generation tools. These functionalities are directly integrated with your site, with the data being fed back to HubSpot as your single point of reference for campaigns.


For custom solutions where you need more control over your data, more styling options or to integrate functionality that simply doesn’t exist in a plugin, the HubSpot REST API is perfect; it’s available for us to create a robust connection that helps with your marketing automation and data management.