Integrations & APIs

Trustpilot and WordPress.

Displaying customer reviews live on your website.

WordPress logo + Trustpilot Integration with WordPress

Integrating Trustpilot.

The Trustpilot brand is a popular trust mark for customer reviews and ratings of a company’s customer service, product offerings and overall experience. When you’ve got good reviews, they’re worth showing off.

Having your reviews showing live on your website platform can help increase conversions and heighten your credibility as an organisation. There are a couple of methods for achieving Trustpilot integration with WordPress, of which Illustrate Digital are familiar with.

Trustpilot plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce.

The official plugin allows us to integrate your reviews with your site, deciding whether to simply display your overall rating as a brand or for individual product reviews.

The Trustpilot API.

For more detailed and customised interaction with your reviews, special functionality and a tailored approach to Trustpilot reviews, the official API provides the resources needed to make this happen.